Kajaani Data Center Ecosystem

Kajaani in located in Northern Finland, it is a picturesque town surrounded by vast forestlands, rivers and lakes. The Province is laying upon a solid bedrock and the region is safe from any extreme weather conditions. The industrial history of Kajaani has paved the road for modern data center industry in terms of infrastructure and buildings that are already available. Nowadays Kajaani is one of the most important data center sites in Europe.

Site Selection Matters

In addition to environmental reasons, Kainuu is a perfect spot for a data center for its unique High performance computing optimized data center ecosystem. Data Center Industry is Kainuu’s most significant growth industry. The ecosystem is attracting both global and national players from a variety of sectors. 

  • Kajaani is positioned perfectly to be the gateway between East and West.
  • Herman IT Datacenter facility is located inside a Renforsin Ranta business park
  • Business Park was founded by UPM in 2008 on the site of its former paper mill
  • Herman IT owned, IBM designed and built Data Center was introduced into service at end of October 2012.
  • CSC – IT Centre for Science, located in Renforsin Ranta, will host Europe’s fastest supercomputer LUMI (Euro-HPC consortium) – ready by the end of 2020.

Facility operations

Strong industrial background in the area provides unique expertice and resources to develope and maintain Data Center facility operations.

Partners and service providers are located mainly inside Campus area.

Carriers and connectivity providers on site

All major domestic operators are present at the business park to ensure competitive pricing. Herman IT is a carrier neutral operator.

CSC – IT Center for Science

CSC – IT center for Science provides it supercomputer for Pan-European research projects. In December 2018, CSC and Atos signed an agreement on the new super computing system Euro-HPC supercomputer LUMI. The new system is to be built in CSC’s data center in Kajaani, and the first phase will be operational during 2021. Kajaani University of Applied Science educates data-analysts for the ecosystem’s needs with its unique From Data to AI – program. 

Herman IT

Herman IT is the first commercial operator providing HPC-capacity and hosting services.  In 2018 DeepL decided to locate its HPC cluster to Herman IT’s data center. Herman IT’s infrastructure, combined with an abundance of low-cost renewable energy, free cooling, and waste heat recovery, offers an ideal location for DeepL’s supercomputer. Furthermore, it allows DeepL to train its neural networks in a stable and secure environment, with a competitive pricing. Since 2018, Herman IT’s and DeepL’s cooperation has expanded. 

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