Data Center industry’s carbon dioxide emissions equal to ones of aviation. It is our mission to provide a green and cost-efficient alternative to our customers. Herman IT Data Center is ready to fulfill your immediate needs for colocation services with top-notch expertise and massively scalable infrastructure without compromising sustainability. 

Green Data Center – Green Value Chain

Data Center selection is not merely a business driven decision, it is also a question of values. By selecting a green data center partner, you make a sustainable choice. It is our mission to be a part of our customers’ greener value chain. 

Herman IT’s Data Center in Kajaani is a green choice in many ways

Utilization of existing industrial infrastructure dating back from the paper mill, instead of building new decreased the carbon footprint of the Data Center building project.

Waste heat generated in data center processes is recycled to warm the Industry Park’s office facilities. Herman IT’s data center transforms almost all the electricity it uses into heat.

Cool climate around the year cuts back electricity consumption. Compared to many European Data Center Sites, our location in Northern Finland in itself turns our data center a sustainable, green solution. We spend less energy in cooling the data center, and the electricity we use is GoO-certified.

We use locally sourced hydropower and wind power. Herman IT:s data center in Kajaani is surrounded by waters, thus is is natural to use electricity produced in hydropower plants nearby. Kainuu has a surplus of energy and ever growing CO2 free energy production. Newest wind farm project “Piiparinmäki” will be ready in 2021. Once operational, Piiparinmäki  will be Finland´s largest wind farm and one of the largest unsubsidized wind farms in Europe. Locating data centers near the green energy production will also optimize the transformation losses, in the Kainuu reagion yearly wind power production exceeds 1000 GWh. Hundreds of megawatts of carbon free energy is available for your needs!

“When reliability matters, and it does”: Renforsin Ranta business park indulges tenants with extremely reliable electricity. In the past outage of power could mean million euro expenditures, therefore site has been built to be powered even in the most demanding scenarios. There are six separate electricity feeds from the national grid with reliability of each being from 99,999% to 100%. Latest power outage was in 1981, and lasted 15 seconds.

 Infrastructure for utilizing excess heat. In many locations infrastructure for handling and reusing excess heat is inexistent. At Herman IT Data Center the heat produced in data center operations is reused for heating business park’s processes and district heat network, and thus, by recycling the excess heat data centers can operate in CO2 negatively.


Operator neutral Data Center with multiple physical cable routes assures competing pricing and required level of redundancy.

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Short transfer distances and industrial electricity grids enables for attractive transfer costs for power. The internal power distribution on site is designed for heavy industry and it is true 2N to ensure uninterruptible service.

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Kajaani Data Center Ecosystem

Ecosystem has Global partners with local presence, Expertise available for all the crucial HPC support functions.

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IT Services

IT-infrastucture and Cloud Solutions We can outsource server environments by managing clients’ servers, thus freeing up your resources and guiding them to better serve your business. Outsourcing can be implemented step by step to optimize the already paid licenses and utilizing the whole life cycle of the existing equipment. The implementation is quick and straightforward […]

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