The ultra-fast optic cable between Germany and Finland brings Kajaani to the doorstep of Central Europe. The fastest connection between Europe and East Asian capitals via the Digital Silk Road by Cinia makes Finland literally the Gateway between the East and the West. 


Gateway Between East and West

Operator neutral Data Center with multiple physical cable routes assures competing pricing and required level of redundancy.  

All major domestic operators are present at the business park to ensure competitive pricing.  

Kajaani is also ideally placed to take advantage of the Finland-Germany underwater fiber connection and to link to the ROTACS Russian National Fiber Optic Ring that is under development. This will further decrease the latency. As the new over 10,000 km Arctic Connect cable is complete, it will provide high capacity and low latency connection between Europe and Asia, in addition to increased network resilience to complement and secure existing connections.

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Short transfer distances and industrial electricity grids enables for attractive transfer costs for power. The internal power distribution on site is designed for heavy industry and it is true 2N to ensure uninterruptible service.

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Environment – Green Data Center

Data Center selection is not merely a business driven decision, it is also a question of values. By selecting a green data center partner, you make a sustainable choice.

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Kajaani Data Center Ecosystem

Ecosystem has Global partners with local presence, Expertise available for all the crucial HPC support functions.

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IT Services

IT-infrastucture and Cloud Solutions We can outsource server environments by managing clients’ servers, thus freeing up your resources and guiding them to better serve your business. Outsourcing can be implemented step by step to optimize the already paid licenses and utilizing the whole life cycle of the existing equipment. The implementation is quick and straightforward […]

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