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Data Center selection is not merely a business driven decision, it is also a question of values. By selecting Herman IT as a green data center partner, you make a sustainable choice but also a cost-efficient one: abundance of low-cost energy from local sources helps to reduce your carbon footprint to minimum.

It is our mission to be a part of our customers’ greener value chain.

Data Center Services and Colocation in Finland

Safe and Secure

Herman IT’s data center in Renforsin Ranta has a clear advantage in its secure electricity infrastructure, which was originally built for industrial purposes. As the electricity is available straight from the national grid, through a UPM-owned hub, the transportation cost of the electricity is on a very competitive level.


Multiple local hydroelectric power stations provide a significant supply of environmentally and economically attractive power, which is suitable for heavy industrial use and data centers designed for high-performance computing, without compromising sustainability.

Herman IT Data Center Team at Your Service

Environment – Green Data Center

Data Center selection is not merely a business driven decision, it is also a question of values. By selecting a green data center partner, you make a sustainable choice.

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Kajaani Data Center Ecosystem

Ecosystem has Global partners with local presence, Expertise available for all the crucial HPC support functions.

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Short transfer distances and industrial electricity grids enables for attractive transfer costs for power. The internal power distribution on site is designed for heavy industry and it is true 2N to ensure uninterruptible service.

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Operator neutral Data Center with multiple physical cable routes assures competing pricing and required level of redundancy.

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We Aim Higher

Resilience and hard work during the difficult times in Kajaani’s history has filled the town with innovative and foresighted people.  

Datacenter industry is a focal point in strategic regional development, and why not, everything data need is in Kajaani: abundance of green electricity, skilled workforce, readily available and massively scalable infrastructure, cool air that is fresh to breathe.  

What differentiates Kajaani from all the other data center cities is passion: Passion to build and grow an extraordinary ecosystem by combining the strengths of all the players in the data center field, for the greater good – for our customers, for Herman IT, and for the region. We aim high because it is in our DNA. 

Herman IT Is a Part of its Customers’ Greener Value Chain

Our mission is to facilitate our customers’ growth by fulfilling their needs for storing, processing, and refining data – whether it is for R&D, AI-development, or backing up business-critical data – without compromising environmental values. With the help of our colocation service, locally sourced green energy, highly skilled High-Performance Computing -team, and scalable data center infrastructure we have become a valuable link in our customers’ sustainable value chain.

Customer Stories

Over 120 Years of History – Built to Last

Kajaanin Telefoooniyhtiö Established
Saw mill Industry in Tihisenniemi
2008 UPM closes the mill in Kajaani leaving 500+ unemployed
2012 Herman IT Data center operational in former mill site
Global demand for green and secure data center and colocation drive growth

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